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Phone Verified Leads Special

For full details of our Phone Verified Leads please visit this page Phone Verified Leads

Each lead includes the following information:
First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone Number, email address, Gender, Time Investment, Financial Investment, Date Stamp, and IP address.

They have requested to receive information about a Special Home Business Opportunity. With the IP Address you cannot be accused of SPAM. All leads are generated via signup forms, batched and sent to you daily, until the order is filled.

Our return policy enables you to return all invalid leads within a 72 hour period and we would gladly replace all invalid leads with fresh leads. We normally apply 10% - 20% extra leads to all orders to eliminate the need to return invalid leads.

Quantity Cost Each Total Purchase
25 Phone Verified Leads 1.25 $31.25
50 Phone Verified Leads 1.25 $62.50
100 Phone Verified Leads 1.00 $100.00