Order Business Opportunity Leads

Autoresponder Leads

These leads are perfect for a successful autoresponder email campaign and building your loyal opt-in list. The age
of our leads range from 0-30 days old. You can have peace of mind knowing we don't resell our lists over and over and over again. We will have a limited amount of clients we will work with to keep the integrity of the lists

Each Lead includes:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Date Stamp
  • IP Address

We take very good care of these leads by running them through our massive domain and keyword cleaning system and against our company remove list of more than 50,000 prospects!

Our Cleaning Software does the Following:

     -removes duplicate leads in files
     - removes leads with certain extensions and subdomains
     - removes leads that contain profanity
     - run them against our business domain filter
     - run them against our global remove list

Quantity Age Cost Each Purchase
5,000 Autoresponder Leads 1 - 3 days Old 0.0150
10,000 Autoresponder Leads 4 - 7 Days Old 0.0075
10,000 Autoresponder Leads 8 - 15 Days Old 0.0050
10,000 Autoresponder Leads 16 - 30 Days Old 0.0030